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jean-louis moissenet

Between horses and secateurs

Breeder of horses of saddles, the viticulture didn’t go without saying for Jean-Louis. In 1985, he begins to work in a vineyard, Pommard Pézerolles, which his grandfather, Henri Lamarche, winegrower in Vosne-Romanée, confides to him. He devotes himself to it with passion and seriousness and achieves excellent results. At the same time, he is responsible for the Fruit and Vegetable Department of a retail store.
In 1988, at the age of 30, he made a choice: to take over the estate of his mother Elisabeth Moissenet-Lamarche. This is the beginning of a great adventure!

The vegetal first

Immediately, Jean-Louis is interested in the quality and the vegetal of the vines. His initial training as an agricultural technician predisposes him. He seeks the quintessence of each terroir and vinifies its Pommards by climate. He bought the buildings occupied by his great-grandmother and great-great-uncle, Paul Girardin, and began selling in bottles, after dedicating his first investments to the blossoming of the vines.


In 1996, he trained over 3 years, at sensory tasting and obtained the professional diploma of taster. He participated in many tastings to acquire his own experience. Little by little, he enlarged the estate, and extended the appellations produced. He is also involved in the profession and becomes president of the Syndicat des vins de Pommard (Union of Pommard wines), from 2013 to 2016. He continues with responsibilities within the CAVB (Confédération des Appellations des Vins de Bourgogne - Confederation of Burgundy wines appellations). During all these years, Jean-Louis continued to keep his first passion and his first job alive: breeder of horses of saddles. An activity he pursues today.


Her daughter, Emmanuelle-Sophie, is animated by the same passions as her father: the vine and the horses.
She is about to continue and develop the estate and thus, to write a new chapter of the family history.

Jean-Louis Moissenet
Jean-Louis Moissenet
Jean-Louis Moissenet, en cave
Jean-Louis Moissenet, in the cellar
Jean-Louis Moissenet, avec son cheval
Jean-Louis Moissenet, with his horse

Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet

A vocation

Emmanuelle-Sophie spent her childhood between vines and horses.
In high school, she understood that viticulture was her future. After her scientific baccalauréat obtained in 2005, she embarked on a long course of wine studies: a BTS Viti-Oeno and Master 2 Vine and Terroir. This one is closed by a research paper on the natural grassing in the vineyards at the school of agricultural engineering of Changin in Switzerland.

Her experience

During her Swiss experience, Emmanuelle-Sophie entered the concrete. She worked on 50 plots in 6 months, to study the link of works in the vineyard with the appearance of a spontaneous flora. She already knew that she would apply these different methods to the vines of the estate. In order to perfect her experience, she went to Bordeaux and Beaujolais, followed by a few years of teaching. She officiated in Alsace, then in the Mâconnais. Emmanuelle-Sophie tries to teach another approach to viticulture.

Putting in practice

In September 2012, Emmanuelle-Sophie joined the family estate. She did her classes with a big job in a winery and then became very versatile and also involved in marketing. The work of the vines gradually became her great crusade. She follows in her father's footsteps, striving to listen attentively to nature and keep pace with it. Emmanuelle-Sophie also practices the different techniques learned during her studies.
The results are there, the estate is High Environmental Value (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certified.

A commitment

Since April 2016, Emmanuelle-Sophie has been working for the profession by becoming President of the Pommard Wine Syndicate. She also works as a hail expert with an insurance company. Emmanuelle-Sophie also takes over the reins from the breeding of horses. Family transmission is total.

Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet
Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet
Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet, en cave
Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet, in the cellar
Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet, avec son cheval
Emmanuelle-Sophie Moissenet, with her horse

The estate today

An estate of human scale

The estate now produces appellations ranging from Puligny-Montrachet to Nuits-St-Georges on 6 ha 29. The Pommard terroir is obviously the most represented with no less than 6 appellations, 3 of which are premier cru. The cellars and the chai are located in the rue des Jardins in Pommard, just behind the Château. The reception of customers and the tasting happen on a daily basis.

A division of tasks

Emmanuelle-Sophie and Jean-Louis work side by side. The father takes responsibility for the administrative and commercial tasks and animates the tastings in the estate. The daughter is more devoted to working in the vineyards and winemaking.
The wines are marketed both with export and with a very strong clientele of private individuals. The estate participates in 3 annual shows of the Independent winemakers, in Reims, Lille and Grenoble.

A family estate

The estate evolves as a family. Christine, Amandine-Marie and Jean-Vincent come to lend strong hands as soon as the need arises. Thus for the open days, the harvest, the shows, the whole family is active!

A permanent evolution

The estate is gradually expanding to offer new appellations, always with respect for the terroir and nature.
A new building is being built in 2017 to make it easier to store tractors and other vineyard materials and thus dedicate a larger area to the reception area.

La famille participe à tous les évènements
The family takes part in all the events
Jean-Louis Moissenet
La famille participe à tous les évènements
The family takes part in all the events